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Sigourney Dragula Promo.jpg

Star of the Boulet Brothers Dragula Season 4

Premieres October 19 on AMC's Shudder

Female Impersonator Impersonator

Drag queen

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Sigourney Beaver is a self-described "hyper femme AFAB queen," or, as she likes to put it, "a female impersonator impersonator." Sigourney is a killer beauty queen who loves to hypnotize audiences with her piercing white eyes and sky-high hair. Coming from a burlesque background, Sigourney incorporates the art of the tease into all of her drag performances. With several pageant titles under her belt, Sigourney is hoping to add The World's Next Drag Supermonster to her already impressive résumé.

Twitter: @BeaverSigourney

Instagram: sigourney.beaver


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